Andrew MacNaughton

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Ardingly and Balcombe

Andrew and his wife Jane live in Pease Pottage which with Handcross, Ardingly and Balcombe form the Ardingly and Balcombe ward. Andrew has been a member of Mid Sussex District Council and a Parish Councillor for several years and has been involved in all aspects of the services the councils provide. He is currently Chairman of the District Planning Committee and Vice Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee for Planning and Economic Development. The need for sustainable, affordable housing remains a very important issue within our villages. Suitable housing that local people can afford, enabling them to stay in our communities, should be a priority. The difficulty in finding appropriate sites makes this a very challenging task in the current climate. Andrew believes the formation of Parish Neighbourhood Plans which with the Mid Sussex District Plan will give villages a greater say on development within their parish which will help achieve these aims.