Pete Bradbury

West Sussex County Councillor - Cuckfield & Lucastes
Mid Sussex District Councillor - Cuckfield

Sujan Wickremaratchi

West Sussex County Councillor - Haywards Heath Town
Haywards Heath Town Councillor - Ashenground

Rod Clarke

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Haywards Heath Franklands

Emma Coe-Gunnell White

Burgess Hill Town Councillor - Dunstall
Mid Sussex District Councillor - Dunstall

Emma Coe-Gunnell White Mid Sussex District and Town Councillor for Dunstall Ward

Rachel Cromie

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Haywards Heath Bentswood
Haywards Heath Town Councillor - Bentswood

John Dabell

East Grinstead Town Council - Ashplats
John has lived in the town since 1991 and completed 30 years working for a global food brand. He is a Councillor, QVH Governor and school governor and Chairman of the ‘Town Team’.

John Dabell

Mid Sussex District Councillor - East Grinstead Town
East Grinstead Town Councillor - Ashplats

Phillip Coote

MId Sussex District Councillor - Crawley Down and Turners Hill