Frank Osborne

East Grinstead Town Councillor - Imberhorne

Frank is a long time resident of the town and was a founder member of East Grinstead Town Council. He has been a driving force behind the programme of outdoor entertainment at East Court. He is married with two grown up daughters and is proprietor of East Grinstead Upholstery.

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Chris Ash-Edwards

Haywards Heath Town Councillor - Lucastes & BolnoreChris has lived in the town since 1986 and is a chartered accountant with extensive management experience. Since retiring, he has been a Town Councillor and done voluntary work.

Matt Jeffers

Haywards Heath Town Councillor - Lucastes & BolnoreMatt lives in Bolnore and is a Town Councillor. He is married and his daughter attends Bolnore Village Primary School. Matt commutes to London for work and enjoys running.