Jonathan Ash-Edwards

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Haywards Heath HeathHaywards Heath Town Councillor - Heath

Nirj Deva

Member of the European Parliament, South East Region"It is an honour to serve as one of the ten elected Members of the European Parliament for the beautiful South East of England region.

Gary Marsh

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Ardingly and Balcombe

Sandy Ellis

Mid Sussex District Council - Haywards Heath HeathHaywards Heath Town Council - Heath

Dick Sweatman

Mid Sussex District Councillor - East Grinstead HerontyeEast Grinstead Town Councillor - Herontye

Katy Bourne

Sussex Police & Crime CommissionerAs the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Mrs Bourne is responsible for policing and crime in its totality across the county.

Jacqui Landriani

Mid Sussex District Councillor - Burgess Hill DunstallBurgess Hill Town Councillor - Dunstall