Winning Conservatives

Mid Sussex voters gave a ringing endorsement of the Conservative team in Thursday’s local elections as Conservative candidates retained control of the District Council, winning 45 out of 54 seats.

The party gained an additional 15 seats compared to the 2007 elections which was the highest number of Conservative gains of any English Council being elected on Thursday.

Conservatives retained control of Town Councils in Burgess Hill (winning 13 out of 15 seats currently declared) and Haywards Heath (winning 14 out of 16 seats) and, for the first time in 15 years, won a majority on East Grinstead Town Council (winning 16 out of 18 seats).

The sensational results mean that every ward in Mid Sussex now has at least one Conservative Councillor at District and/or Town Council level. In Haywards Heath, the Conservatives were just 20 votes away from winning every District Council seat.

Garry Wall, Leader of the Conservative Group at Mid Sussex District Council, said:


“These are outstanding results for the Conservatives in Mid Sussex and I would like to thank the thousands of voters who placed their trust in us. We fought a very positive campaign about the issues which matter locally and will now deliver on our manifesto pledges to move Mid Sussex forward”.


John de Mierre, Chairman of Mid Sussex Conservatives, said:


“This result shows the Conservatives are going from strength to strength in Mid Sussex. Our talented new Councillors are a genuine cross-section of the district, of all ages and backgrounds and entirely rooted in their local communities. They will be great champions for their towns and villages and work hard for residents”.