Statement from Sir Nicholas on Southern Rail

Dear Constituent,


As we approach Christmas I want to especially say how appalled I continue to be at the terrible inconvenience that you have been suffering on the railways and I want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to try to find a resolution.


We spent an hour with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State tonight, we had a meeting with Charles Horton, Chief Executive of GTR Ltd, this afternoon and there is a great deal of co-ordinated work going on behind the scenes.


I realise that many of you have very strong views as to who is responsible and there is no doubt that the Operator has not done as well as it should have done in the past, but I wanted you to see this video of Sean Hoyle, President of the RMT, which I am afraid outlines clearly the serious political intent to damage Southern, its passengers and especially the Government. None of this makes it any easier to fix, but this is for all of us, first order business.


I hope you will have a good break with your families and once again I can only say that I am sorry at he way you have been treated.


With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Yours sincerely,