Princess Royal Hospital

Money donated to the Support the Princess Royal Hospital Campaign has been passed on to the maternity unit which it successfully saved.  On behalf of the Campaign Nicholas Soames MP handed over a cheque for a £1,000 to the hospital’s Chief Executive Duncan Selbie, Chief Nurse Sherree Fagge and Acting Head of Midwifery Lynn Woolley.  They were joined by Haywards Heath Town Mayor Margaret Baker, Town, District and County Councillors, other members of the Campaign and new mum Lyndsey Griffiths with her day old son Jasper.

 Mr Soames said:

“I am delighted by the success of the broadly based community campaign to save the maternity and A&E services at the Princess Royal Hospital.  The Support the Princess Royal Hospital Campaign was a triumph and it was a great honour on behalf of the community to hand a cheque over for £1,000 to the maternity ward at the PRH for them to use as they see fit.”

Nicholas congratulated all those involved in the campaign including his Parliamentary colleagues, Nick Herbert MP and Norman Baker MP; Jonathan Teasdale of Haywards Heath who tirelessly spearheaded the campaign; Ginny Heard the Secretary of the Campaign and all the members of the Committee.

Mr Soames also welcomed Mrs Fe Henry, the widow of Paddy Henry to whom the campaign owed a great deal.

Chief Executive of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH)

Duncan Selbie said:

“I want to warmly thank all those who have, and continue, to tirelessly support the Princess Royal Hospital.

“PRH is a growing and flourishing teaching hospital with a sparkling future.  As well as being the local hospital for the people of Mid Sussex it is BSUH’s centre for elective surgery and our plans are only to strengthen and grow the services which are provided there.

“Within the next two years we will be establishing a new Day Surgery Unit with four additional theatres on the PRH campus.  We currently do day surgery in the main theatres at the PRH and this would be a dedicated, free-standing unit for the people of Mid Sussex and our wider catchment populations.  We are also working to relocate all hip fracture surgery to the PRH, alongside the rehabilitation services which are already there.”