Major changes to McDonald’s roundabout in Burgess Hill published for public consultation

Proposals to replace the McDonald’s roundabout in Burgess Hill with a 4-way signalised junction to better manage the flow of traffic are open for public consultation.

The major changes are designed to reduce congestion and queuing at the roundabout at peak times by better controlling how traffic travels between Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Civic Way, Station Road and McDonald’s and the public car park.

The new signalised junction will include Toucan Crossings to support pedestrians in the town centre.

The proposals are part of the ‘Place and Connectivity Programme’ which is a £21 million set of sustainable transport and infrastructure improvements to support the wider growth of the Burgess Hill area.

Residents are encouraged to have their say by viewing the plans at

The proposals have been welcomed by Conservative Councillors, who have been activity involved in drawing up the plans.

Councillor Judy Llewellyn-Burke, Deputy Leader of the Conservatives at Mid Sussex District Council, said:

“These proposals are a direct response to the feedback local Councils have received from residents about congestion in this part of Burgess Hill. They are only possible because of the infrastructure funding Conservative Councils have secured to support the town’s growth.

“Ahead of any improvement works taking place, I would continue to urge McDonald’s to take measures to responsibly manage the impact their operation has on traffic congestion and urge motorists to abide by the Highway Code and avoid blocking the roundabout”.

Councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles, County Councillor for Burgess Hill North, said:

“At the moment, the roundabout is regularly blocked by motorists trying to access the McDonald’s drive through. These proposals are designed to better manage the flow of traffic through a busy part of town and reduce the risk of gridlock. I would urge residents to comment on the plans. Subject to the outcome of public consultation, the changes will be able to be put in place within the next year”.