Delivering in Mid Sussex

In 2007, Mid Sussex residents elected a Conservative Council and asked us to deliver quality public services and keep Council Tax down. Four years on, judge us on our record.

We’ve made different choices to other Councils – like cutting the Chief Executive’s salary by 24%, Councillors’ allowances by 5% and making £3.2million in efficiency savings since 2007. As a result, frontline services are safe, voluntary sector grants are protected and we are opening new public toilets not closing them.

Conservatives have managed your money well and other parties seem to agree as no amendments were proposed to our budget. And we’re transparent, being the second Council nationally to publish spending over £500 online. Our Council Tax freeze will save the average family £45 compared to a typical increase.

We’re making Mid Sussex better. Recycling rates are the highest in Sussex at 45%, we have refurbished 32 playgrounds, worked with the police to cut crime by a third and are working to deliver revitalised town centres. For the seventh year it still costs 60p to park in our towns.

Conservatives always opposed the last Government’s plans for 17,000 houses and proposed a more realistic alternative. Our new District Plan will cut the housing target and protect against inappropriate development. This work to reform the planning system has had cross-party backing throughout.

Mid Sussex is on the right track – keep the successful policies and leadership that’s moving the area forward. Vote Conservative on 5th May.Read our manifesto at