Coronavirus: Giving safely to charities in Mid Sussex by Helen Stephenson CBE, CEO, Charity Commission for England and Wales

Coronavirus: Giving safely to charities in Mid Sussex

The generous donations and community spirit of the people of Mid Sussex will prove to be a vital part of our nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. We are seeing a surge in both volunteering and donations from the public.

In order to ensure donations continue to reach the most people most in need, the Charity Commission, in collaboration with the Fundraising Regulator, National Trading Standards and Action Fraud, is asking everyone to ‘give safely’ and donate to genuine registered charities. This plea for safe giving comes as regulators have received reports of charity scammers targeting vulnerable people, for example by impersonating British Red Cross workers.

By giving to a registered charity, the public can have assurance that their funds are regulated by the Commission, and that those running the charity can be held formally accountable. There are 386 charities with a registered address in Mid Sussex and many more national charities that do important work in your community.

Amongst these is the National Emergencies Trust (NET) national coronavirus fundraising appeal, launched to raise funds for local charities responding to the pandemic. The Commission helped to establish the NET following other devastating disasters.

In case you wish to support this important message, we have provided a tweet example below and a local press release template at the bottom of the email. Please do you use your own words or advice as you wish:

  • Charities are supporting people in need during this #coronavirus pandemic. Ensure your donations end up in the right place and help the vulnerable by giving safely to registered charities. Before donating, check the @ChtyCommission charity register to #givesafely

During these unprecedented times for charities, many of which are facing surging demand for their services, the Commission is taking a pragmatic and proportionate approach to regulation. We have been keeping our contact centre for charities open, working closely with sector bodies and regularly updating our FAQs so charities have access to the information they need. 

If you have any questions about the Charity Commission’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, or any of our wider work, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes,

Helen Stephenson CBE
Chief Executive Officer
Charity Commission for England and Wales