Cllr Samantha Smith instigates repair of fence at Bedelands Nature Reserve in Burgess Hill

Conservative Councillor Mrs Samantha Smith has secured the repair of a damaged fence at Bedelands Nature Reserve. Cllr Mrs Smith was alerted to the damage, believed to be caused by vandals, by the Chairman of the Friends of the Green Circle. Prompt action was taken by Cllr Smith, who respresents the Green Circle as part of her role as a District Councillor, to ensure that repairs were carried out swiftly, ensuring that motorised vehicles could no longer enter Bedelands at the point of damage. Cllr Smith thanked Mid Sussex District Council for their swift response adding "we need to protect our wildlife habitats and plants too. Bedelands is a jewel in Burgess HIll that brings joy and education to everyone". Cllr Smith also sits on the following outsde bodies.Jack and Jill Windmills, Adastra Hall and Sydney West Community Centre.