Local News

Sir Nicholas fights for Woodlands Meed

Sir Nicholas met with three of the Governors and the Head Teacher of Woodlands Meed School in Burgess Hill to discuss the very serious problems arising from the failure of West Sussex County Council to fulfil its obligations to build a single site special needs school.

Today is Polling Day!

Don't forget, today is polling day in the Haywards Heath Franklands by-election. Please find details about our hard working local candidate Jed Dwight below. Polls are open until 10pm. If you would like a lift to the polling station please call us on (01444) 452590.

Jed Dwight for Franklands Ward

A Council by-election will be held on Thursday 28th July to elect a Councillor to fill a vacancy on Haywards Heath Town Council. This by-election is about ensuring we elect an effective Councillor who will work to represent us locally and be a strong voice at the Town Hall.